Marketing for
Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

We're Google Certified.
We know how to drive new patients
to your Laser Toenail Treatment Practice.
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Let us fill your Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Practice with New Patients

We'll get em, You treat em

We are experts at driving new patients for Podiatrists practices. We've been doing it for almost 20 years. If you have a Laser to treat toenail fungus you need to call us. We only work with one provider per market so don't wait.

We don't care which laser you use in your practice to treat toenail fungus. At the end of the day you're the medical care provider. Data shows that toenail fungus when treated correctly with a laser provides patients with positive outcomes most of the time.

We have been running marketing campaigns to generate leads for Podiatrists for nearly 20 years and we can help grow yours. We're in the unique position in that 90% of our customers are Podiatrists. We know your industry. From a marketing perspective we know it better than anybody. In our humble opinion.
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We're So Confident We Put it in Writing

Your Maximum risk is $500. Ours is our brand.

We Guarantee you, in writing, that if we do not get you 1 new patient within 30 days, you get your money back.

Simple as that. You literally have nothing to lose. 
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So Lets Cut to the Chase. We usually  Generate a Minimum ROI of 5X. Our Target ROI is Always 10X

That's right. You read correctly. If you hire us you should expect a minimum ROI of 5X. Our goal is always an ROI of 10X.

Now, there are a few simple variables that could effect ROI that we will discuss after we evaluate your market, but before you spend a dime.

If we evaluate your market and give you the green light, you should expect a minimum ROI of 5X.
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Lets Start Getting 5 to 10X ROI for Your Practice

We can have your campaign live generating new patients within 5 days.

Success for us starts at generating $2,100 (4X Plus) for your practice. The level of success only rises from there.

Here are some numbers for you to consider:

Our campaigns start at $500 per month. We charge a set-up fee of $250 for the first campaign. (Waived if you sign a 3-month agreement)

The set-up fee is to create the landing pages, set-up your marketing account, secure a tracking phone number and conduct keyword research of you market prior to starting.

Financial Model:

Costs $500 per month

Price Per Treatment/Estimated ROI
$750 (For 3 treatments) X 3=$2,250 4X plus
$750 (For 3 treatments) X 5=$3,750 7X plus
$750 (For 3 treatments) X 7=$5,250 10X plus

Costs $1,000 per month

Price Per Treatment/Estimated ROI
$750 (For 3 treatments) X 6=$4,500 4X plus
$750 (For 3 treatments) X 10=$7,500 7X plus
$750 (For 3 treatments) X 14=$10,500 10X plus

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